Vineyards & olive groves

Centuries-old olive trees and vineyards tell us about a land rich in magic

The estate took steps not only to redevelop the remains of the ancient buildings, in order to create farm holiday accommodation, offering wellbeing and tranquility in an unspoiled environment, but also purchased new land planted with vines and refurbished an old farmstead, turning it into a winery and beginning to make high-quality products, capable of expressing faithfully the winemaking vocation of this magical location.



Castello della Mugazzena has two different types of terroir:: In the area where the old vineyard is situated, on the valley floor, the soil is composed of clayey and calcareous flysh, with marls in an advanced state of erosion (that crumble), and an alluvial part made up of pebbles from a river bed (like in the Rhône Valley). In the higher zone, where the new vineyards are, only flysch is present.

Organic Prodict Orientation

We are high up in the hills: the climate is generally very cool, with marked thermal excursions, so that the microclimate is almost like that of a mountain area.

The estate is run entirely according to the precepts of organic farming: spraying is carried out with sulfur and copper, and the protection of the vines is centered on organic techniques (pheromone diffusers).  The harvest is carried out exclusively by hand, and with meticulous care.

The goal is to have sustainable, healthy agriculture, which guarantees the fertility of the soil and the balance of the plants, and is completely respectful of the terroir, the vines, and the cycles of nature.

Ancient olive grove

On the land that belonged to the original farm, a hundred and fifty meters below the village of Lorenzana, there were also six hectares of olive trees of the Leccino and Moraiolo varieties that are roughly seventy years old; these have been pruned and brought back into production

The quality of the soil, the microclimate and great care during the harvest allow the estate to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil with extremely low acidity and a delicate fruity flavor. These qualities have enabled it to win various accolades, such as the “Olea Lunae” award for being the best medium-fruity oil in the Province of Massa Carrara.