Farmhouse Regulations

1.- The farm, as a rule, is open and working throughout the year.

2.- Upon arrival, the guest will provide at the Company to show valid identification document of all persons who must stay and ID; Balances for any other services not determined in advance must be paid before departure.

3.- Upon arrival, the premises will be handed over to the guest, after having been inspected.
At the request of the Company, you can draw up a special report which will show that the status and content have been checked.

4.- In departure, we will proceed to the reconnaissance of the room and its contents; if the verification results in damage or loss of objects, the guest must provide compensation before departure. Until competition, can be used by the company the sums paid for deposits, for the surplus the guest must provide it on the occasion with an additional payment, as established for the payment of the stay.

5.- PROHIBITIONS: – to bring animals, of any kind and of any size, inside the premises and spaces of the farm; – to be noisy, to use audio and audiovisual equipment with a volume such as to cause disturbance, or, in any case, to disturb the quiet of the places; – to light fires outside the room; – to make graffiti, to stick nails, to move or to accumulate earth, stones or other objects; – to disperse papers, waste or other objects in the room; – to chant during rest periods or in any case to be unwelcome to outsiders.

6.- RESERVATION AND PAYMENT: The direct booking from our website will include the payment of a deposit of 30% of the price of the stay. The remaining part can be welded directly in the structure. The payment will be made via PAYPAL, it is the most reliable way for the customer to pay for his purchases online, because his financial data are never shared with the recipient of the payment.

7.- The cancellation, less than thirty days before the start of the stay, involves the loss of the entire deposit (30% of the price of the stay). To make a cancellation, you can send an email to the following email address: o utilizzare il nostro Contact Form

8.- The reservation implies unreserved acceptance by the guest of prices, of all the conditions of stay set out in this regulation.

9.- Check-in is from 15:00 to 19:00 and check-out is before 12:00. Any other needs will be assessed and agreed with our staff.



10.- Anyone who has justified reason to access the company spaces and their premises, must present a valid identification document for the Italian State and hand it over to the employees.

11.- During the stay, guests can use the outdoor spaces exclusively for the premises in their use or the routes to reach them.

12.- Vehicles stationed shall be securely locked at the place to be designated and so arranged as not to present danger, cause harm to persons or property, be obstructive or be in an unauthorised position. The staff, for various needs, may invite guests to remove vehicles or other things held by them from the places where they are, or provide directly, if necessary at the expense of the guest, in the event of refusal or absence.

13.- Children, necessarily over 10 years of age, must be under constant vigilance of their companions, who are responsible for it, and must not cause trouble to anyone.

14.- For the tranquility and serenity of the places, you want that in the structure by all we stick to good education and composure. During rest hours, in particular from 24.00 to 7.30 hours and also from 14.30 to 16.30 hours, it is forbidden to cause disturbing noises. They will be removed from the structure, people who: – manifest a state of drunkenness or, in any case, lack of self-control; – towards anyone, manifest inhuman behavior, incorrect or harassing; – do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation or the verbal instructions given in certain circumstances by the staff member; – cause damage to persons or property. Where necessary or appropriate, infringements shall be reported to the competent authorities.

15.- Guests, their companions and visitors, are required to keep their belongings and are responsible for damage caused to third parties.

16.- The farm does not take into custody goods and objects of guests and is not responsible for any theft suffered by guests, their companions and visitors.

17.- Anyone who finds lost valuables inside the structure is requested to hand them over to the employees, so that they can be returned to their rightful owner.

18.- Guests are obliged to deposit the garbage daily, after 20.00 hours, in the appropriate container.

19 – To the extent not specified in this Regulation, the relevant Italian law shall apply.